The Project APE members would like to thank all those that generously donated their help and resources to our project, it would not have been possible without you!

Simon & Mandy Goddard
Fred Matser
Richard Parnaby
Tim Carson
Chris Loosmore
Paul Goddard
Dave Charris

Tom Talmage
Tom Murray Willis
Adrian Walker
Callan Attwell
Emma Trickey

Jo Earl (volunteers officer)
Mary Price (volunteers officer)
Will Mc…………Q
Chris Berrington & Wayne
Bristol Ferry Station & all staff members
Martin Reilly & Eamonn Kelly
Nicky King
Laura Marshall(Play England)
Ramin Amali (UWE)
John Savage (UWE)
Carl at Playquest
Heather Olsen
John & Jane Wanjau

Pastor Frank
Chris Mackie
Meaghan Bradley
Jessi Smith
Nicola Wills

Mussa Hussein Kijuu
Vickey Wall

Victoria Thorp
Sarah Jenkins
Niall Cahill
Alex Feben
Mark Johnson
Tom Dowsett

Matt Ruddy
Amy Louise Jesset
Katy Daily
Martha De La Cruz
Youngeun Emma Jung

Anna Russell
Emma Schroder
Liz McGimpsey
Natasha Weston

Donate to Project APE

Sharing any personal experiences to similar projects and suggesting your ideas are just as valuable as providing a financial donation. The APE team will appreciate any contribution that you can provide to increase the efficiency of our project.